Imagine a magical world of imagination that we’ve already imagined, produced, and packaged. Now consume any of the products from our entertainment group and bring to life the iMagical dominion of iMagi. We are iMagi: we removed the native TM.

Here at iMagi we don’t make the culture you consume; we process it. Yes, our programming, theme parks, performers and "artists" are just as flavorful and good for you as processed food, only with much shorter shelf lives. 


Homogenation at work, for the homogeneration.

Our History:
As Grandfather Jerry said when he founded iMagi back in the gentler and simpler days of the White Man’s Burden, “we removed the native to make way for what's ours, godammit.” We are iMagi: we removed the native TM. Those days of blatant racism have passed, replaced by a global and connected society. This means countless opportunities to replace the diverse and local with our superior and fabulously produced glossy goods and artists. Using only our imagination, we've homogenized, commodified and processed fantasy it to what we call, ""fantasy.""

Our process:
We purchase cheap commodity talent for pennies on the dime and process it into highly refined, bleached, and homogenized celebrity-like substances and addictive nutriceuticals that are just as good as they are good for your entire family. iMagi processing is the added value, so if it says iMagi, rest assured that it has been neutralized and scrubbed clean with your gated community in mind. Our team of freelance processors and unpaid interns digitize, quantize, pixelate, plasticize, compress, condense, and affix barcodes to fantasy. Why? Always the children. 
      We don’t make Halloween; we make Halloween friendly.
      We don’t make music; we make music sound comfortably familiar. 
      We don't dabble in theater; we do dominate Broadway.
      We don't understand art; we don't understand art.
      We don't claim to be Santa Claus; we do inform your children what he should bring them.

Quite simply
At Imagi, we shift the paradigm by leveraging brand virus with synergic customer-centricity and global add-on value. ROI! Consumer initiated marketing, site stickiness with enhanced reputation management synced with collaborative engagement metrics and trend analytics guaranteed to boost relevance, content and core competency. Facebook. Pat Tillman. Webinar. We are iMagi: This is how we roll.