From the recording You're Welcome, With Love

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My Chemical Weapon

Peace has its victims too / You all think it’s all about you / Well, I want to fight with my chemical weapon in this biological war I need you to declare // All the brown suits faded like some boring glories / We take flash for substance and aspire to every market story / Banking on the modern genius / Whose ugliness and meanness attracts us / Can’t you see he only aims to frag us? / There’s no declaration that’s been penned / So no amendments too, OH OH OH ◢ He’s all over town / We’re on the ground / OH OH OH OH OH ◣ So the rowhouse seemed a fitting setting / Stood up on our tails like lemmings in the shadows of their happier endings / Where God’s their peeping lonely neighbor / And elevators down are better called depressants / Gravity’s such labor / We move right or left or down and out / Up somehow got stuck, OH OH OH ◢ ◣ Truth has a darker side / We all count on little white lies / To carry us through the destruction we do in our lives / “While there is a lower class, I am in it; while there is a criminal element, I am of it; while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.”* / And that’s not about me / Life cooperates to form one fitness / It runs counter to business / It's a form fit for resistance / What’s not a rose by any other name? / What system do we maintain? ◢ ◣ OH OH OH OH OH / He’s all over town / He works hard to try not to look down / Into the lives waiting on the ground ■ *Quote by Eugene Debbs