1. In Discretion

From the recording You're Welcome, With Love

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In Discretion

All of the names and all of the toys / All of the girls and all of the noise / All in the same / All of the dabs and all of the drips / All the tiny little fractures of / Words off our lips / And all of the lips, too  We’re Peter Pans / We saw a window open wide / We flew through with our bright and dazzling eyes / Don’t miss the fact / That when we take time to look back / We'll see the one thing we’re a part of / And the family finally recognizes itself  All of the bits and all of the bytes / All of the marks of meanings we write / All in discretion / All of the peaks and all the pursuits / All the complex contradictions that tie up as you / And all the yous, too  Perceptive tools / Set free to soar to different worlds / And know a thing from a thing and worlds from worlds / And in between / Stuck in a candy-colored dream / Where the inside turns up outside / And the pleasure comes from tying up the divides  All of the frames and all of the shapes / All the differences that make a difference in space / And outer space, too / All that’s drawn in and all that’s exhaled / All the ephemeral invitations to see past this veil / And all the ways  We’re Peter Pans / And everywhere window frames appear / As any thing we project onto their panes / They’re staying here / But in time we’re moving on / The sooner you find you in that rhythm / You’ll see the magic in the world we’re living in now  That’s a difference that makes a difference ■