1. Thing3

From the recording You're Welcome, With Love

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I like you / I like the way at night you turn my room electric blue / Suddenly the world steps through / But only in the DPI that aren’t even fit to print in RGB / Oh, compression is the modern rage that helps the people disengage // I’m virtually beautiful, and sterile-y clean / I’ve edited my profile / And designed a more perfect being! Science fiction made it all seem so sensory / No one imagined the flat kind of thing we’d create if we had all we need  I like the way you won’t demand that I engage attentively / Here with you, I’m in 2-D / Racking up the countless hours of affection just as real as virtual flowers / Streaming from this empty room ⧔ Well, I am here in body / And 3 more senses / Maybe we can we turn these scraps to hot dog soup ⧕ I’m dreaming of a world with more things to explore / Than either of us designed / But now that I’ve got that in mind TRL’s now an acronym that points back toward the TV screen / It’s all manufactured, and we’re the producers / There’s no greater mystery in here / Truecolor, somewhere never broken to bits wait in infinite states I’d perceive / If only I could get up and leave / You / Until then you can “friend" me we’ll pretend we still know what that means / What we need ■