1. Pleasuredomb

From the recording You're Welcome, With Love

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Citizen 819 did something bad ◢ A waste of time has got nothing on you / A waste of time is your mode ◣ If sewer rodents could coo / Then the city’s rats would sing a lullaby to you / A Petri dish so sterile nothing stuck / Clowns so numb they don’t know that they’re being fucked // Mickey Mantle’s was a town worth envy / This one’s more a tumor Disney grew / Synthetic, stucco storefronts were a clue / The megla-tiny-shouldn’t-have just up and grew ◢ ◣ The wigged crusader rapes the town / At night his buildings burn in effigy to him / Pricey, classless, phallic, banal blight / Yet while they’re sterile, he reproduces for the “class” he types // The paradox is how could such a bore / Be such a stress, I wonder / How could this myopic blunder / Sell like snow globes filled with hype celeb-debris ◭ Come see how / Velvet ropes make you feel so desired / They’re waiting / To act like you’re prized / And dazzle your eyes / With 2-day passes for the vacuous life ⧩◢ ◣ The zealed-up realty agents rife with Botox / Helped out mom and pop to close up shop / The pedal’s up, the beat they’ll drop’s / Predictable as time on ◭ This stopped watch / And all the moguls have taken their marks / They’re racing / In dead-even heats / It's safe on the streets / Where Maybachs are at home / In the Pleasuredomb ⧩ ⧔ It's such a fucking messed-up Pleasuredomb to stimulate the numb, so over sensitized, the droning herds of muggers, pimps and charlatans, set out to rape the culture, tied 'em up and tied 'em down, once you’re in nothing breaks the craving or the advertiser’s din ⧕ ■