1. Alright

From the recording You're Welcome, With Love

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Sending out a signal / More than a mobile machine / Looking for reception / It’s life as a human being / Moving through the station / In every street scene / Avoiding glances / It’s life as a human being / Bumped up in the stairwell / And asked if she was alright / Holding her tongue wasn’t quite the issue it was jostling me into her life / And she said, “No one is all right / I’d like to get through you and feel like I knew you / But there’s no flat line in life / Technicolor now would be Techno-color / And I’m sure that says something, but I’m not sure what, I could use your help figuring things out, I’m reaching out" ◢ If coincidence is what makes incidental passer-bys of us / Can we respect it as direction to engage and open up? / I don’t wanna keep sleepwalking / With mental lists of who’s worth talking what to / Anyone can reach me / Anyone can reach me / Anyone / Anyone ◣ Picking up a signal of life eating life / It struck me flatly when he politely asked if everything would turn out alright / And I thought, nothing is all right / At times we are better when worse gets the lesser / But there’s no flat line in life / Bounded by cells that we constantly exchange / Where do you begin and I end, scratch that big thought, can’t we just begin by acknowledging the soft spots? ◢ ◣ ■