1. Seeking Beauty

From the recording You're Welcome, With Love

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Seeking Beauty

◢ Dream / Of a time we were real / Think / Back to when we could trust what we’d feel / Flowering fields grasses brushing our knees, we explorers / We / Knew potential for real // Well, I’d like to think I kept my child eyes / Still, I’d like to think I faced the worst / And tried to make it something better / Is it reconciled? ‘Cause / Hope has 2 beautiful children / If we’re seeking beauty / Anger to know it and courage to find a brighter day /// I think we're seeking beauty / I think we're seeking beauty ◣ I ◢ ◣ With all the love in the world / With all the hope in the world / Well, there’s got to be something / Ought to be something better / Dream / Dream ■