From the recording You're Welcome, With Love

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Nature’s Servants

The machine thrusts its glistening member / It drives itself though he pretends to / The operator laughs / As he reclines in the comfort of his own obsolescence / Now it's all leisure time // His heartbeat calms as he reads the comics / While the pistons in the great machine quicken / Isn’t it ironic? / It’s strong as steel and our assistant / We’re soft as putty and mostly ignorant, too  It isn’t weak, it lacks compassion, and worse / It sports a design that’ll put the worst on top of the Earth / And send the rest to rest in their hearse  Revolutionaries never accept / That the problems they solve will eventually bring their death, too / And everything worth conquering / Is really in vain / It only keeps our fingers busy / And ties our ankles in bullshit chains // All the king’s horses have delivered us here / Now we’re tumbling off the smokestacks / And we’re still supposed to cheer / Welcome to the world where nature’s laws can be amended / Where the filth of the earth stand to be commended ◢ Thank your God he’s not a capitalist, like you / Or he’d have rationed out the land and the sunlight / And he’d collect the profits, and we’d be nature’s servants ◭ Buyers, and not the suppliers / With monthly statements of the value of what we use / Fully responsible for the land we abuse ⧩◣ The machine thrusts its glistening member / It drives itself though we pretend to / The wires in the circuitry have joined as a bypass / Now the power is delivered / From the friction of kissing ass // Always, great minds first blaze the path / Now the time has come to raze this bastard / We’re cogs in the original machine / And we’ve had our coup / Does it seem so funny that our products should have one too? ◢ ◣ ■