1. Our Pattern

From the recording You're Welcome, With Love

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Our Pattern

Day finds my darling out in the world / And I miss her / From the time that we part when I kiss her and she goes / I’m incomplete // Part of a pattern / Of a life that at times seems too scattered about / We’ve reasoned it out, but my heart just won’t listen / To reason it knows only what it is missing / It’s true, “2 hearts once entwined can never be apart” / But I can’t deny this emptiness that’s in my heart // It’s a big thing / I’ve wandered alone missing all that she brings / As daylight knows night as the sun strung to moonbeams / I’ve known her as absence and left her to my dreams / But when what’s most takes form and I find you at last / I don’t want you out of my grasp  And oh, while it’s sunny / And I'm lost in the glare and I’m fully aware / That I’ve lost what I found / My circus left town / See, I’ve walked a thousand lives across a desert of glass / And reflections appear to deceive / I’m better when I look at you and focus on us / It’s a pattern we warp as we weave  Day finally sighs its extinguishing mark / And the cycle that she rides to her vanishing point, is done / She returns / And I am complete ■