From the recording Jostle It!*#

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XXXtraordinary rendition © von robinson 2005

All in the name of love!

Don’t you know I love my gal?
She’s the flag I wave
From high up on the heap of humanity
In the private world war for my family.
Don’t you know I love my man?
He’s so driven
We just ride in the sidecar and wave and grin
If there’s meaning to be found
It resides in him.
Dad, (never present in the spectator’s gallery)
Don’t you know I love my dad? (got a bunker with his government salary)
He’s the finest provider materially
Without a doubt I’m going to be Ivy League.
We’ve redefined the terms of engagement, drastically
When I spill blood I sometimes see
Something is shared between the masses and me

Turning names in, valuing numbers
I know the empty shells of shorthand labels
That decorate my day.
It isn’t ugly avarice or greed
Sure we’re all one
But it’s a living taking care of my daily needs

Gang, (blood is thicker than the mercury waters are)
We’re one flipping lovely gang (cleaning house with the newly-named Torture Czar)
Eating velvet and we
Write it off as business or charity
If we happen to discuss God or poverty
Beware the mote around our circle of empathy
When I spill blood I sometimes see
Something is shared between the masses and me

Fear’s possessed me, and forced a declaration of truth
That can’t be spoken
But in the vested interest of the very ones I love
Divide, but don’t show your work
And while I’m split in 2
I still know that I’m luckier than you
And you know it too.
All in the name of love. Yep.

Not my darlings, nor my victims,
Just doing my part to save the part,
Preservation’s always in season
If you see love as a non-renewable resource
You’ll understand greed.
When you understand greed
You’ll spend your best days satisfying that need
Oh! The thrill of it all!
Life’s one big ball
I’ll kick you in.