1. Time to Think

From the recording Jostle It!*#

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Time to Think © von robinson 2005 nov 10th

Given time to think
I might justify your place on the brink
You might do the same
And in time
Our plans would clash
And we’d find ourselves over the brink.

Once when time struck ones
All the world agreed to lay down its guns
What melts the world down
Isn’t God or flag
Or one of the local diseases
That tear us to pieces

And sponsors the war
That stirs up pride of being
And poses as meaning
To strangers alone on the bridge
And they’ll fake the good news that they live

You’ll spend a lifetime deceiving
Yourself you’re believing what’s real
Foolish bunk

Without time to think
I’d react and pull you back from the brink
Family, fortune, dreams,
Disappear as we become
What we always intended
But instead pretend to be

I won’t live or die
For the obvious weaknesses
Tearing to pieces us
Strangers alone on the bridge
We’d give up all we are just to live

You’d think up lifetimes of meanings
Erased in one moment of being

All the little girls in their tortured 3rd worlds
And their lives that just aren’t coming true
And the boys in their barracks and forts become one
Then they become you.
You become you.
And the world in its various shades becomes you.
And events that seem out on parade become you.
And the soft things in soldiering trades become you.
And the memories that don’t seem to fade become you.
Loved ones, strangers, and enemies made…