From the recording Jostle It!*#

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satellites and totem poles © von robinson 1987

Stanley drove to the meaning
Ellie came for the mean
They both got tangled in the wires
Of a cruel social machine

That won’t care anymore
For the losers of the day
All swept up
With the coming-in-to-power
Satellites and totem poles
So taken in by their man of the hour.

The leaders went to rape on the planet
Pureblood preached Vaseline
And Stanley slid down the slippery throat
Of a propaganda team.

He won’t care anymore
For the soldiers just the wars
He’s become one more commandant of power
Casual cogs for quirky queens
So taken in by their man of the hour.

They’re doing politics
In God’s fake trust
And asking all of us
To join in psalms of praise
For their own pride
We’re supposed to buy
And probably will.

“The winners are at war with the losers.
And the fix is on.
The prospects for peace are awful.”
And the will for it is gone.

We don’t care anymore
For the simple things we are.
So preserved in a lacquer of good business
Satellites and totem poles.

What’s there to do
When “the greatest cause” should somehow not win?
In four years
There’ll be another chance to rally again.
And on and on and on and over
Watch the process
Take its victims again.

You should have listened when you had the chance.